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Welcome to our camping in Österskog

The campsite is a nice facility which is located beautifully situated 2 km outside Hoks society, about 3o km south of Jönköping. Here you can come for hiking in nature, fishing, socializing with friends and family or playing golf.

As a neighbor we have, for example, the Hooks manor house's fine golf courses, a paradise for those who like to play golf! There are very nice hiking areas in the adjacent forest and meadow land. This is perfect for those who travel with dogs or like to walk in forests and land.

We try to keep a family atmosphere at the campsite, where everyone should feel welcome.

Hoks Naturcamping

Our Cottages

2 km outside Hok’s community, 3 km south of Jönköping you will find these cottages. The cottages are located in nice surroundings with woods and fields. The cabins are located at Hook’s nature camp – a quiet and family campsite.

As a neighbor we have Hook’s mansion, where you can play golf or enjoy their fine spa. There are very fine areas in adjacent forests and meadows. This is perfect for those who are traveling with a dog or like to walk in the woods and land. The cottage is not rented out for a long period.

We who run the Nature Camp

We took over the campsite in 2013 from Daniel’s parents. They had then operated the campsite for about 20 years. 

During these years, they also had farming with blue bags. There have been many guests over the years who have taken part in and collected the cows for milking.


Only benefits

Why Hoks Camping?

If you want, there is a lot to do when you come to us!

Right next to it, it runs past a river where we have built a small bathing area with jetty. There is also a cozy windshield with fireplace for sausage barbecue! We also have a barbecue area at the campsite itself. If you want to swim in a larger bathing place there are several nice ones around.

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This is great for 100%. Calm and nature! Good appartments. Nothing to do but this is tge place for relax. Not for disco. 🙂

Anton Vyunov

Great for groups when using the meeting room on the Hill. It seats perhaps 30 people, has a kitchen inside and big barbecue outside with several benches.

Mike Heath

Vackert och i Tallskogen

Per Hillerström